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Brandon Stanton: Human

If you are familiar with Humans of New York, then you know the work of Brandon Stanton. The concept is (deceptively) simple: A series of photographs of people he sees on the streets of New York, along with the stories … Continue reading

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R is for Rube Goldberg

For the uninitiated, a Rube Goldberg machine is a device that is designed to do something relatively simple in a very (very) complicated way. One of the best Rube Goldberg machines I have ever seen is featured in this OK Go video. … Continue reading

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Q is for Quedar

Quedar* en lo que queda después del fuego, residuo, sola raíz de lo cantable. (Fénix) José Ángel Valente Stay* in what remains after the fire residue, alone root of what can be sung. (Phoenix) Translation by me. Corrections welcome. * … Continue reading

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O is for Otters

Asian small-clawed otters at the Smithsonian National Zoo play the keyboard as part of the zoo’s enrichment program. I don’t really have anything to say about this. What could I possibly say? OK, I lied. I have one thing to say about this, … Continue reading

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K is for Klompen

I am not Dutch, and I have never worn traditional Dutch wooden shoes. In fact, I have rarely even thought about them. Until, that is, the other day, when I came across a video of folks making these shoes. When … Continue reading

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B is for Bats

  Things to know about bats (besides that they are amazing and one of my favorite animals): Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight. (Sorry, flying squirrels.) There are almost 1,000 bat species worldwide, and bats make up … Continue reading

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