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Why yes, that is a giant rubber duck. Why do you ask? (Posted in response to the WordPress photo challenge Frame. And because giant rubber ducks are cool.)

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So I guess I pretty much took July off. I didn’t plan to, but you know what they say about plans? Well, they’re right. We had a little health situation in my family around Memorial Day weekend. Everyone is fine … Continue reading

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Spreading Sunshine

Well, this has taken longer to pull together than expected, but then again, what doesn’t? Life is life, all delightful and messy and complicated, but we do eventually get there, don’t we? Or at least we get somewhere. Usually. Anyway. … Continue reading

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Seeking Some Perspective

I’ve been struggling a bit for the last few days. Nothing major, just feeling a little scattered. Not as on top of things as I would like. The thing is, and this is hardly news, sometimes it’s hard being an … Continue reading

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Instead of About

If you’ve poked around here at all, you might have noticed that there’s not much on my About page. In part, this is because it’s hard to know what to say about me that hasn’t already been said. Works in … Continue reading

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Your Brain is Playing Tricks on You

When I was in graduate school, I took a course in urban geography, and one of the texts that we read was a book called City of Plagues: Disease, Poverty, and Deviance in San Francisco by Susan Craddock. In the … Continue reading

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All things seem possible in May*

  So as I mentioned little over a month ago, somewhere around March 21, I decided that the thing to do for April was to make myself completely crazy, and in the course of one day, I committed to doing … Continue reading

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Y is for Yellow Lines

My daughter – who is several years from driving age – has taken to saying ‘Stay in your lane!’ when she feels that someone is impinging on her (usually artistic or intellectual) territory. It took me by surprise when she … Continue reading

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T is for Traces

I live in what is not entirely kindly referred to as the Rust Belt, which means my city used to be Big and Important, and now it isn’t anymore. Being Big and Important brought with it all the good and … Continue reading

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S is for Story

We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories. –  Jonathan Gottschall     It’s one of those truths that’s completely obvious, but only after … Continue reading

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