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On the Hill, Behind a Door(way)

Today I bring you a few pictures, including several doorways, one door, a bunch of rubble, and a sad story.   Just as I have mentioned that I have a soft spot for urban decay, there is also something about … Continue reading

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Vivian Maier

Like many people, I first heard about photographer Vivian Maier around 2010. This is when photographer John Maloof started posting her pictures online and they – and her story – began to go viral. Some six years, five books, two … Continue reading

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White Flowers

So, two-thirds of the way through my month of photography, and what have I learned? Well, about my own photography, I’ve learned a few things: My new (old) camera isn’t great. It isn’t terrible, but it’s not great*. I can … Continue reading

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Brandon Stanton: Human

If you are familiar with Humans of New York, then you know the work of Brandon Stanton. The concept is (deceptively) simple: A series of photographs of people he sees on the streets of New York, along with the stories … Continue reading

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Pure Function: Coal Chute

On Friday (I think) when I looked up the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge and saw that it was Pure, my initial reaction was excitement. It seemed like a word you could do a lot with. And then … Continue reading

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Spreading Sunshine

Well, this has taken longer to pull together than expected, but then again, what doesn’t? Life is life, all delightful and messy and complicated, but we do eventually get there, don’t we? Or at least we get somewhere. Usually. Anyway. … Continue reading

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Divided This house Cannot stand Against itself. Divided Like the loot after a heist Like loyalties Like the continent Like rational numbers in Irrational situations. Take this thing here Whatever it is (It doesn’t matter, really) And divide it in … Continue reading

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Four, zero, zero

Books I picked up from the ‘Free Table’ where I work: Four Cost: Zero (to state the obvious) Time I have to read them in the immediate future: Zero Being an adult, I am frequently reminded, means that there are … Continue reading

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Man Ray

The photo above, a 1931 self portrait by Man Ray, is one of my absolute favorites. I first saw it in Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine during the 1980s, and found the image so irresistible that I cut it out of … Continue reading

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I live across the street from an interesting piece of local history, a semi-vacant lot that used to be home to a church, and may yet take on a new life. The church was built in about 1926. By 2010 it … Continue reading

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