Pure Function: Coal Chute

coal chute

It calls itself Majestic, but I say there are not too many things as purely functional as a coal chute.

On Friday (I think) when I looked up the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge and saw that it was Pure, my initial reaction was excitement. It seemed like a word you could do a lot with. And then this weekend happened.

So I found myself struggling with the idea of Pure, and with finding an image that spoke to me. The weekend’s events in Orlando, and LA, and … well, not much is feeling very pure now, at least not in a good way.

And then I hit on the idea of pure function. Pure functions have a special meaning in math and computer science, but that’s not where I am with this. Where I am is somewhere more like feeling that sometimes, when times are troubling, it may be best to go back to the basics, the things that keep us going day to day. Love, hope, peace, determination. Function over form, if you will.

My family and I will be attending a vigil tonight for the people who were killed and injured in Orlando over the weekend. We will bring love and try to find peace and hope and determination. I wish peace and hope and love and determination to you, too.

(Posted in response to the WordPress Photo Challenge, pure theme.)

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