L is for Luz

blue seeds

Arroja luz
tus ojos sobre nuestros cuerpos
que nuestras manos no pesen al moverse
ni nuestra muerte importe
sobre tu tierra de semillas azules
Cúbrenos luz con tus miradas

– Homero Aridjis


This time I did try my hand at some translation:
Light throw
your eyes on our bodies
that our hands have no weight for having moved
nor our death any cost
on your land of blue seeds
Light cover us with your gaze
Corrections are most welcome.


(More information on Homero Aridjis here.)

(Blue seeds image by Penelope Fewster via Flickr.)

(Posted today as my Day 12 entry in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge)

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2 Responses to L is for Luz

  1. James Stack says:

    Those “blue seeds” look like poppy seed husks – I have them dried in my house with dried allium heads. But mine aren’t blue – go figure. I enjoy your daily posts. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. That picture was kind of cheating, since those probably aren’t seeds at all (though they might contain seeds). The picture was just so lovely that I just couldn’t resist using it. I imagine your dried poppies and allium are probably very lovely – allium is one of my favorite flowers.


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