Camp Alphabet Challenge Madness

alphabet camp image

I guess I didn’t have any plans for April. And then suddenly I did.

Having done NaNoWriMo back in November, my in-box kept reminding me that Camp NaNoWriMo was just around the corner, so I’d been contemplating signing up.

Then, right around the same time, I learned about the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

The A to Z Challenge, I learned, is a challenge where you post 26 times during the month of April, with each post corresponding (at least loosely) to that day’s designated letter of the alphabet. Some bloggers have themes, too, like Croissants, or Interpretive Dance, or Overhead Projector Art. (I just made those up, and they are probably not real themes that anyone is using at all. Croissants sounds good, though, doesn’t it?)

Camp NaNo, on the other hand, is similar to November NaNo, but also different in a couple of ways. The most important differences (to me, anyway) are (a) you set your own word goal, and (b) writers are organized into cabins.

So I found myself in a quandary. Should I do one? Do the other? Oh, what the hell, I thought, lets do both! Because I have lost my mind! And sleep is overrated!

For Camp NaNo, I have been fortunate to land in a cabin full of really good folks. The work I did during November has been languishing, sad to say, so I’m glad I will be keeping company with those folks while I kick my own butt back into gear.

I’m still contemplating what I will do for the A to Z Challenge. The possibilities are endless, which is actually quite daunting. Can I overlap it with my NaNo work? Should I have a theme? (I do love a good organizing principle.) If so, what should it be? Or should I stick with random storytelling? Random storytelling may be my favorite theme of all, so that has a pretty strong appeal.

So now the planning and the writing and the searching for delightful images has begun. Are you doing either challenge? And if you are, do you also feel like you may have lost your mind?

(1870s camp image from Popular Science Magazine via Flickr)


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